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Heaven is a place everyone wants to go, but a few want to pay the price for. It is also a place; people have a thousand opinions on. Especially how it looks like, who qualifies to be there, what conditions to satisfy etc.

Most people are satisfied with some knowledge they have received from, either from their parents or family traditions etc.

But are you sure where you will go when you die? I mean really sure. Some may ask me, can we be actually sure .If you are very sure and you think you can never be wrong; you don’t have to bother reading the rest of this article except for curiosity sake.

Why do we believe that heaven exists: Purely because we all seem to have an intuition and hunger for it .

Just like we may not know that food exists, but the fact that we have hunger shows that there must be something to satisfy it, so we believe that our desires point to an eternity. By the way animals don’t think of eternity, at least they don’t seem to show any evidence of it , we do.
Many people have told us the many ways of going there, and we will not get into the right or wrong of that .But for us the sure way to believe that we are going there would be
1) To meet someone credible who has been there.
2) Who has given us a graphic picture of that place.
3) and lived like he was serious about what he was saying.

No one fits that profile known to us other than Jesus Christ . I don't know about you, but i know a lot of people who are just so afraid to look at what He says, that they oppose Him blindly or just ignore Him.

Jesus claimed to be from heaven, taught people about heaven and told us that He was the way to that place (basically meaning, that he will take us there) and then gave his life in a most painful of ways, to prove the point.

Do you know anyone who has such claims..... share with us your rational of Heaven

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